Scavenging payment

We provide you with Alipay scavenging payment function. Please contact our customer service personnel in a timely manner after the successful completion of the payment.

Tel:02151873035 QQ:527016904

Bank card payment

Fax at the bottom of the remittance to, and then contact the finance department to confirm the way to confirm the payment (at present only in Shanghai area) by our customer service personnel directly to your service.

Please note: please do not pay in cash for more than 10000 yuan. Please send us a cheque or a direct remittance from the bank.

Shite account payment method

Shanghai shite information technology CO.,LTD.

Bank of deposit: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Songjiang branch

Account number:98080 1547 4000 5836

Line number:079603

Qiefan account payment method

Shanghai qiefan information technology CO.,LTD.

Account opening bank: Shanghai Jinsha River branch of Ping An Bank

Account number:11015029135005


1) Please note the name of your company.

2) Please send the scanned parts in time. This will speed up the pace of your business and avoid delay.

3) Note: the bank transfer fax fax must be accompanied by a stamped bank seal.

4) We will invoice you and send it to your company after receipt of your remittance.

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